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Our Philosophy

We don’t believe in one size fits all medicine. We strive to bring you the latest advances in IBS and gastrointestinal research along with the personalized care you deserve. 

Dr. Goldenberg

Dr. Goldenberg, RND is a researcher, registered naturopathic doctor, and teacher focusing on natural and integrative approaches to GI health, specifically focused on natural treatment for IBS, SIBO, UC, and Crohn's.


While we focus on natural IBS approacheswe see patients for all manner of GI conditions as well as general naturopathic care.


About IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is an extremely common disorder. It affects anywhere from 10% to 15% of the worldwide population. 

  • Millions of doctors' visits
  • Billions in medical cost
  • Many people with IBS still feel sick  

IBS Stats

People with IBS (worldwide)
Million people in the US with IBS
Average years before a diagnosis
Million doctor visits for IBS each year

Did you know that Colorado Springs, CO has an alternative medicine clinic focused on gut health? Our registered naturopathic doctor is a clinician, teacher, and researcher focused on bringing you the best that natural medicine has to offer. Would you like to be treated as more than your disease? The whole you matters! Explore holistic medicine with a holistic medical professional. 

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Curious about natural options for your IBS? 

Schyuler L.

The journey to improving health can be a long, difficult, and sometimes scary one as you are faced with making huge lifestyle changes. Dr. Goldenberg is the doctor you will want to help guide and support you through these changes.

Prudence Branson

I had suffered with anxiety issues for years. Dr. Goldenberg worked with me on a weekly basis for just 2 months, and instilled in me tools to use when I was experiencing this anxiety. After using his tools for several months, I have been free from anxiety for over a year. His suggestions and caring nature were instrumental in changing my quality of life.

Dr. Goldenberg has a caring nature, a willingness to listen, and an exquisite sense of humor not often found in the medical profession today.

Chuck Duncan

Dr. G helped me get off of all the opiates I was taking for pain! His expertise allows me to experience a healthy, active life again.

Dr. G is a rare doc in that he actually listens to his patients and works with you to achieve unbelievable results! Colorado has a new treasure.

Janis T

Dr J is awesome and goes into more areas of help than most health professionals could ever do and that is from his great training and background in genetics. Everyone should look at trying to utilize his great talent. I am impressed.

Sheila T

I had a very lovely conversation with Dr.Goldenberg and found him approachable, informative, friendly and warm. I very much like his style of practice and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a ND.

Our Approach

We take the best of natural and integrative approaches to IBS and deliver solutions for you so you can finally feel better. Already have a gastroenterologist? No worries,  we love to work as part of a larger team and can augment the conventional medical care they deliver with safe, natural, and effective solutions. 

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Chat with Dr. Goldenberg (RND) for FREE to see if you would be a good fit here. 

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