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Dr. Goldenberg is a clinician, professor, and researcher focusing on natural approaches to gut health specifically IBS.

Jun 21

A Naturo-What?? (Part 1)

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A Naturo-What?? (How I Became a Naturopathic Doctor – Part 1) Hello wonderful people. Today I want to answer a question that comes up a lot, what is naturopathic medicine? Also known as, “you’re a what kind of doctor?” To be honest many of my colleagues have answered this better than I. For a great […]

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May 28

Why IBS?

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Why IBS? People often ask me why I focus on irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It is so common a question that I thought I might post about it here on our blog. Clinical First, my interest is based on clinical experience. When I was working in general/family practice we saw a lot of patients with […]

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