I designed the Foundations of Health Series because as a registered Naturopathic Doctor I had seen thousands of patients who were fatigued, stressed out, on yo-yo diets, and could not establish an exercising routine. While the nuances were different, all-in-all they struggled with the same things when it came to their health. Over the years what I learned was that it wasn't JUST about great patient EDUCATION, but that was a big part of it, it was also about the power of HABITUATION, the support of a COMMUNITY, and supportive REINFORCEMENT.

I often tell my patients that there are FOUR FOUNDATIONS of health and like the legs of a chair, you need all of them working to support you: Healthy Eating, Movement for Health, Optimal Sleep, and Stress-Reduction Training. Together with those foundational pillars, I believe EVERYONE should try an elimination-rechallege diet at least once to learn about how food affects them on an individual level. So I created this 5 part series we called the Foundations of Health Series to help people reach their own optimal health. You can sign up for all 5 segments or take the classes piecemeal based on your unique needs.  

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Movement for Health

Elimination Diet 

Optimal Sleep

Stress and how to fix it

You Will Love This Series Because...

You will be EMPOWERED

Knowledge is power. Join us as we cover essential information to get you on the path of optimal wellness. 

It will help you create CHANGE 

So much of health comes down to the art and science of creating change and habituation towards health. 

You will become HEALTHIER 

Learn and grow with us as your body moves into a greater space of health. 

It will provide ACTIONABLE next steps

Ideas are great but without actionable steps and guidance they stay as ideas and not action!

About Dr. Goldenberg

Dr. Goldenberg is a researcher, clinician, and teacher focusing on natural and integrative approaches to health. 

Dr. Goldenberg received his Naturopathic Doctor (ND) degree from the prestigious Bastyr University in Seattle Washington where he was honored to receive the founders award in 2012. Dr. Goldenberg believes that "natural medicine has so much to offer when used in a judicious and safe way alongside conventional medicine." Dr. Goldenberg is a Registered Naturopathic Doctor in the State of Colorado. 

You can learn more about his clinic here.

What People are Saying...

The journey to improving health can be a long, difficult, and sometimes scary one as you are faced with making huge lifestyle changes. Dr. Goldenberg is the doctor you will want to help guide and support you through these changes.

Schyuler L.
Chuck D.

Dr. G helped me get off of all the opiates I was taking for pain! His expertise allows me to experience a healthy, active life again. Dr. G is a rare doc in that he actually listens to his patients and works with you to achieve unbelievable results! Colorado has a new treasure.

Dr. Goldenberg has a caring nature, a willingness to listen, and an exquisite sense of humor not often found in the medical profession today.

Prudence B.

Is This Series Right for You?

Our series is not for everybody, we are looking for people who are interested in taking hold of their health, learning how to be optimally well, but also willing to take action.


  • Patient's of Dr. Goldenberg's GI Clinic who want to learn more about general health and wellness. 
  • Members of the community who aren't patients at the clinic but want to learn more about being optimally well. 


  • People looking for a quick fix. Good health takes time and effort. 
  • People who aren't interested in taking action. Knowledge is only half of the battle. We need to ACT to achieve change. 


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You can learn more about his clinic here.

On a lighter note, Dr. Goldenberg loves to spend time out in nature with his wife Bonnie and they love hiking with their rescued Italian Greyhound named Mr. Pants! When left alone in the kitchen Dr. Goldenberg has been known to whip up batches of all manner of odd and bubbling probiotics - sauerkraut, tempeh, kombucha. Relaxing days are when he, his wife , and good friends gather around the fire pit sharing stories and a new wine.

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