Natural Approaches to
H. Pylori

Have you been diagnosed with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)? Did you get treated only to have it come back? Are you worried about the effects the triple therapy antibiotics might have on your gut and microflora? You are in luck! Dr. Goldenberg may be able to help you. Not only is he a naturopathic doctor (natural medicine doctor) but he is a internationally recognized researcher who has published extensively on gastrointestinal issues and natural approaches. 

If you are asking questions like these:

  • How do I prevent H. pylori?
  • Why am I getting H. pylori?
  • Are there natural options for H. pylori?

Give us a call. We might be able to help. 

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Millions of Americans (and actually billions throughout the world) struggle with their gut health including diverticulitis. Conventional medicine saves lives every day. Unfortunately it isn't always the full picture. We work with your conventional team to augment your care in a way that makes the whole better than the sum of the parts. 

Are you someone who struggles to get on top of their gut health with their current approaches? If so, we help people like you everyday.

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Personalized Care

We don’t believe in one size fits all when it comes to your health. You are a unique individual and your health plan deserves to be tailored to you. There is no standard treatment at our clinic. We will always listen to your unique story and approach your concerns in a way that makes sense to you. Get the personalized care you deserve.


While we specialize in natural health treatments, we work closely with your other providers and believe strongly in the power of building a collaborative team for our patients.

Using the Latest Advances - World Leader

Dr. Goldenberg is a leader in IBS and gut health research and has presented his research to physicians and scientists nationally and internationally. He is always working towards advancing the state of knowledge in how to best treat patients suffering with IBS and other GI health related concerns.

What Our Patients Have to Say

Al Moore

He uses all sources available and creates a protocol to fit my situation. He worked with me to achieve my goal and when there were set backs we made changes to overcome them. Some of my immediate and temporary problems were resolved very timely.

He treats the whole body and mind, by using exercise, diet, sleep, meditation , yoga, and lifestyle to achieve optimum health. Much of expertise is by educating me with many new possibilities and information to improve by self help.


Dr. G listens with an open heart and takes all aspects of your health into consideration. He is very genuine and caring. I love that he is also a naturopath who open to western medicine, so he chooses what's best for you as the patient. He is able to answer every question with a vast knowledge in everything to do with ones health mentally and physically.

His vast knowledge of what seems like everything!


Dr. Goldenberg showed much concern that I stayed in the best of health. He was always interested in how I was doing and wanting to know if there were any changes re: my health since we last met..

He has bright eyes Never seem to have any problems Always was interested in my career and family.

Prudence Branson

I had suffered with anxiety issues for years. Dr. Goldenberg worked with me on a weekly basis for just 2 months, and instilled in me tools to use when I was experiencing this anxiety. After using his tools for several months, I have been free from anxiety for over a year. His suggestions and caring nature were instrumental in changing my quality of life.

Dr. Goldenberg has a caring nature, a willingness to listen, and an exquisite sense of humor not often found in the medical profession today.

Chuck Duncan

Dr. G helped me get off of all the opiates I was taking for pain! His expertise allows me to experience a healthy, active life again.

Dr. G is a rare doc in that he actually listens to his patients and works with you to achieve unbelievable results! Colorado has a new treasure.


Josh cares deeply and individually about each person he treats.

Sharon J

Great - I always get good explanations about my medical conditions.


Dr Josh is always friendly and upbeat. I like talking to him.


Dr. Goldenberg is one of those patient doctors that takes the time to listen and really try and figure out the best options for the patient. He's really in tuned to what's best for the patient!!

Janis T

Dr J is awesome and goes into more areas of help than most health professionals could ever do and that is from his great training and background in genetics. Everyone should look at trying to utilize his great talent. I am impressed.

Sheila T

I had a very lovely conversation with Dr.Goldenberg and found him approachable, informative, friendly and warm. I very much like his style of practice and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a ND.

Schyuler L.

The journey to improving health can be a long, difficult, and sometimes scary one as you are faced with making huge lifestyle changes. Dr. Goldenberg is the doctor you will want to help guide and support you through these changes.

Our Doctor

Dr. Goldenberg is a researcher, clinician, and professor focusing on natural and integrative approaches to gut health including Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).


Naturopathic Doctor


Dr. Goldenberg is an active researcher with numerous publications in high impact scientific journals such as JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine and The Cochrane Library. His research focus includes evidence-informed practice, irritable bowel syndrome, probiotics, and research methodology. He is currently Research Investigator at the Bastyr University Research Institute and Visiting Research Scholar at the University of Technology Sydney. His probiotics work has been highlighted by the BBC, The Seattle Times, Prevention Magazine, and Fox News.


Dr. Goldenberg received his Naturopathic Doctor (ND) degree from the prestigious Bastyr University in Seattle Washington where he was honored to receive the founders award in 2012. Trained as a primary care integrative provider in Washington State, he has now focused his practice on gastrointestinal health in general and IBS in particular in Colorado. "Natural medicine has so much to offer when used in a judicious and safe way alongside conventional medicine" says Dr. Goldenberg. "This is particularly the case with GI health." Dr. Goldenberg is registered as a Naturopathic Doctor in the State of Colorado.


Dr. Goldenberg is passionate about teaching. He is a faculty member at the Academy of Integrative and Holistic Medicine Integrative Medicine Fellowship program where he teaches MDs, NPs, chiropractors and other health professionals how to critically evaluate the medical literature. While in Washington State, he was professor at Bastyr University, his alma mater. He has taught Evidence-Based Medicine, Integrative Case Studies, and Grand Rounds. ​Dr. Goldenberg is regularly asked to speak nationally and internationally on evidence-based medicine as well as on probiotics and research methodology.

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