Why IBS?

Why IBS?

People often ask me why I focus on irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It is so common a question that I thought I might post about it here on our blog.


First, my interest is based on clinical experience. When I was working in general/family practice we saw a lot of patients with IBS. Indeed 10-15% of the population is thought to have IBS, so it wasn’t too surprising. What was surprising was how remarkably well our patients did with natural approaches to IBS. I was blown away. Natural medicine can be very powerful at times but the dramatic effects I was seeing on a regular basis for our patients with IBS was unexpected. I hadn’t seen natural medicine work that well for that many people that consistently. This was something fascinating and I wanted to dive in.


Secondly, my interest is based on the research I am doing. My research has focused on gut health for some time now and soon I found myself researching IBS itself with some fascinating results.


Thirdly, I was attracted to the mystery of it. IBS is still being actively figured out. We learn more every year. Every month in fact! It is a fascinating field to stay abreast of as we learn more and more and get better and better at helping our patients.


Finally, it was personal. I have IBS myself and my health journey has been a rough one but one that I think helps me understand what my patients suffer with daily.

IBS is a condition that so many people suffer with. I have seen natural approaches work wonders but clinicians and researchers focusing on this were sparse. Why not devote my energies to something that powerful and needed?!

About the Author

Dr. Goldenberg is a clinician, professor, and researcher focusing on natural approaches to gut health specifically IBS.

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